In the 1960’s and 1970’s, choppers were popular and bike owners modified their motorcycles to suit their individual tastes and personalities.  Almost any brand of motorcycle was subjected to alterations including removing or shortening the fenders, extending the forks, modifying the motors, etc.  They were known as “Choppers” because they were Chopped up to look different than a stock bike.  That trend died out by the late 70’s, as Japanese manufacturers took over the market and reversed the trend to popularize higher performance, multi cylinder, practical motorcycles.

Fast forward 25 years and voila!  The chopper trend was back with full strength in the new millennium.  Suddenly, there were custom bike builders that became famous for their radical designs, big motors, extended chassis and forks and crazy paint jobs. Custom bikes were selling for up to $100,000.00 and were built by famous builders like Jesse James, Orange County Choppers, Bourget, Big Dog and dozens more. 

Then came the bike builder’s TV Series, biker build offs, corporate theme bikes being built with major TV coverage. 

Then came the Housing Mortgage Meltdown of 2006 and the chopper and custom bike industry all but went away in just a couple years. 

Bikes on display:

Exotic Hand Built Custom Chopper: 
This bike was custom built in El Paso, Texas during the “Chopper Boom” and includes a S&S 124 cubic inch/140hp V-Twin, 250mm rear tire and a $10,000 paint job with 19 layers of hand painted lacquer Ghost Skulls in the paint that appear and disappear depending the lighting conditions.  

1970’s Honda 750cc Custom with Denver’s Choppers Frame
This classic Honda powered chopper was built in the early 1970’s and features a stock 4-cylinder engine, 5 speed transmission, Denver Choppers custom frame, springer front forks, 2-up seat, sissy bar backrest, brake-less spindle front hub, peanut shaped gas tank and high-rise handlebars. 

1967 Triumph Bonneville Chopper 650 CC
This rare 1967 show bike is over 50 years old. Note the hand case engraving and gold leaf on the pearl tank. Brass rear fender, shifter and kick start lever added class!